The first messy year.

This is my first post so I thought this would be the perfect topic. I want to establish a little connection with our family to yours. Enjoy!

This time last year I was about to be induced with my first child. Thousands of thoughts were going through my head…Mainly, am I ready to be a mom? With that thought alone came excitement followed by anxiety and just over and over. At just the moment I would think “yes, we are ready for this baby” something would come up like just simply not knowing how to properly clean the bottles or not knowing exactly how many diapers I would need and that simple thought of peace would fly out the window. But I was, at the same time, SO ready to get that baby out! haha. No one will every truly understand a women’s mind and emotions. Word?

Well the year mark is almost here and all I can do is look at my “little” baby that’s not so little anymore. I keep looking at the time and remembering exactly what was happening at that moment a year ago. Looking back at this year I’ve learned a few things. One: It is a hard balance to find between wanting them to accomplish that next mile stone and just simply enjoying where they are in that moment. I’ve personally found that a whole lot of worry and stress comes from wanting them to always get to that next step and that just living in the moment allows us to enjoy them where they are. (And that’s another post for another day haha)

Two: All they want is to know that you are there and that you love them. Yes, my almost 1 year old has started throwing mini tantrums and yes, we’ve started disciplining but I feel that even if you might not see it in that moment showing that you still love them as they are getting in trouble is huge. My sweet boy is not that super cuddly little baby anymore but now looking back I was sleep deprived and took all the snuggles for granted. So when he takes a second and comes over from playing and gives me a hug or a kiss I take it all in. Those split seconds show me that he loves me and that he knows I love him.

Let’s be real. I’m feeling all the feels right now and I appriciate you taking out the time to read my FIRST post! This marks the first adventure of all our fun and messy adventures! Until next time!

– C



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