simple thankfulness

S lovin on bub.

About 2 weeks ago I had some kind of weird revelation…just be thankful. Lately I’ve been in a very whiney, resentful mood. I was upset that I had to do the dishes, the laundry and everything else PLUS raise a human being and I was mad at my husband for not helping more. One night while I was doing the dishes (in the most passive agressive way possible) he came over and just told me that he was sorry and he knew that sometimes the dishes sucked. Then he reminded me that even though they suck I GET to spend my entire day with Hud. I GET to go to the park, and meet up with friends, and I GET to not have a set schedule and love on our sweet boy all day.

That caught me way off gaurd. I wanted to be frustrated or mad but I couldn’t. After about 5 seconds of him saying that all I could think was “Dang! Get over yourself!”.

This has been a turning point for me as a christian, wife, mom, and even as a stay at home parent. What we have on this earth has been totally given to us. We don’t OWN anything. God has provided 100%. Brace yourself…this even goes beyond what we need/want. I am thankful for the experiences I’ve had in my life. Both good and bad and the cool thing is that they are completely my own experiences. Everyone goes through different highs and lows and no one can judge one persons journey to the next. Simply put, there is a reason for everything and to learn to change your mindset and to just be thankful will provide a peace and freedom only God can give.

The perfect mug as I write this.

You stop worrying about what others have or what they have experienced. You stop being blatenly resentful and you stop being the victim. You just become thankful. Its always going to be a struggle but I’ve found that along with everything else going on in life being resentful and negative truly takes energy and wasted energy at that.

This is way deeper than I intended to get but this is what’s going on in our life at this point and time and I love it and how it ties so perfectly into our own messy adventure.

Until next time.




5 thoughts on “simple thankfulness

  1. Great post! It is truly amazing how our attitude towards our circumstances can change everything. I think of James 1: consider it all joy when you encounter various trials. It’s the hard times that perfect us when we have the right mindset.. Thanks for sharing


  2. God is in charge of it all! I read this verse the other day and it surpised me. “I know, Lord, that our lives are not our own. We are not able to plan our own course.” Jeremiah 10:23 So everything..EVERYTHING…is a gift from Him. What a new prespective for me, but it is the truth. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


    1. Thanks so much for reading and providing a place to share! This is something that I’m still dealing with and I will probably have to keep coming back to this mindset for the rest of my life! Thanks for sharing that verse!


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