Hudson’s 1st birthday!

Hudson Trout (1 Year)-48

So this happened about a month ago on July 11th but I just got his 1 year old pictures done last week. Yes, I’m a hot mess mom. No worries pointing it out. (Side note: we used Taylor Williamson for the one year pics. He’s located in Richardson and did such a great job. Highly recommend him! We also had Candice Trout take pictures at the actual party. You can find her over on Facebook at Rose and Rust Photography) Anyway, I love them so much! He looks so handsome and just like a mini Sean (my husband).

I’ll start with the party theme: Mickey mouse. It was perfect. As I began to invite people the plan was to have it at our apartment; that in all reality is the size of a pea. So those plans changed real quick when almost everyone invited started rsvping (insert gasp). We ended up moving the location to our church where they were more than welcoming. I didn’t want to go over board with the decorating because “would he really remember this?” Haha no. No he would not. But we would and the pictures would show how loved he is and just how fun it all truly was!

A good friend from the church and my mom helped with the decorating. It all took a total of 7ish hours to complete but it was sooo worth it. I mean it was VBS status people! It was everything I wanted down to the mickey cups and cake. It was so perfect. #Straightouttapinterest…


Watching him with the smash cake was probably my favorite moment. Mainly, because the he did NOT smash the cake! Haha! He poked and picked at it and at one point kind of licked it but the smashing did not occur. Oh well! It was hilarious to watch anyway.


All in all, I’d say this was a super successful 1st birthday.

AND I still can’t believe my boy is 1 year old.

Hudson Trout (1 Year)-119

Until next time!

– C


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