Honey + Lavender Latte



So I’ve been feeling a bit more domestic lately…or Hud has just been taking longer naps. Whatever the case, I’ve been actually trying out some of the things I pin on Pinterest. Most of the time I pin and think “oh, that’s brilliant. I’ll try that later…” and it never happens.

Anyone else feel me?

That being said I’ll start randomly posting about each pin that I give a go!

So this latte.. I’m completely obsessed! I usually have a hot one in the morning and an iced one in the afternoon. And besides the dried lavender all the other ingredients are super basic! The recipe I use is from the Fox and Briar blog. I like it because they keep it simple and show you how to make it without any fancy equipment. I got my dried lavender at Wholefoods but I know that you can buy it on Amazon as well!

Side note: to make it a “honey + lavender latte” just add 1 tbsp of honey (local honey is best)


Try it out and share your thoughts below. Any other lavender lovers out there?

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8 thoughts on “Honey + Lavender Latte

  1. Oh I love lattes and lavender and honey sound divine! Though I never would have thought of putting lavender in a latte;) And lucky for me my husband and I have our own hives and local honey business!


  2. Honey and lavender sounds amazing. But I did not know you could add lavender toy our drink. I guess you learn new things every day. Pinning.


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