For the love of Pumpkin…

It’s ALMOST Oct. which just means pumpkin EVERYTHING. I’m simply practicing…

One of my favorites is pumpkin muffins. They are literally so easy to make. We eat them for an easy breakfast or a quick snack! The best part, Hud loves them!

Side note: don’t forget to use a cooking spray so that the muffins pop out easily. I like to use coconut oil cooking spray from Trader Joes.

Pumpkin Muffins


1 can of pumpkin pure

1 box of spice cake


Pre-heat oven to 350°. Mix ingredients together and BAKE!

12 muffins – 25-30 min.



Another fav. is the #PSL (pumpkin spiced latte). And it has come back around!  The problem is that it is really not feasible to pay $6 a DAY to get my PSL fix…

So I looked around on Pinterest and came across this Healthy pumpkin spice coffee creamer from The Balanced Berry. This will become a regular in the Trout home. It’s so good and dairy free! For the recipe just click here.

Personally, I like my coffee creamy and this creamer won’t make your coffee LOOK creamy or change color all that much because of the ingredients but just go by taste. I use about ½ cup for a regular cup of coffee (I have a mean sweet tooth).


Hope y’all enjoy! Happy (almost) FALL my pumpkin lovers!



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