Favorite Fam Product – #1

Hello Friends!

Once or twice a month (depending) I’ll be sharing about some favorite products my fam bam and I use! TODAY I’ll be talking about a product called Mom’s Stuff made by Mom’s Stuff Salve that literally everyone can and should use. It’s made by a company that believes in using simple + clean ingredients straight from nature. It’s bascally a superfood but for your skin (which they say).

I first came across it randomly on instagram and I read all the customer reviews about how it had helped them with any and every dry spot, eczema spots, some people used it as a vapor rub, for chapped lips.. etc.

At that time the weather was dry and Hudson was about 4 months old and kept getting rashy, eczema spots on his forehead. The travel size was only $15 so I thought “why not. It’s completely clean and natural so even if it doesn’t work for him I can use it.”

Applied it for the first time in the morning and by noon they were almost completely gone!


A few other ways we use this product:

1. Cuts and scrapes. It’s a great skin protectant and contains super healing ingredients.

2. Bug bites. This one is huge. We use is almost every day for this. It’s the only thing I’ve ever used that completely stopped the iching within minutes!

3. Diaper rash. Again, this suff is all natural and simply nourishes the skin so it does great on that little baby bum!

4. Dry skin. (this is the most obvious) My hands and feet get so dry from about mid-Sept. to  late-February and this Mom’s Stuff saves my skin!

5. Chapped lips. This is my husbands favorite way to use it!!

Basically this stuff keeps our family happy and functional. Haha! So go check them out! You won’t regret it! Have a happy Wednesday!!!

– C


Where I’ll be linking up this week:

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Fam Product – #1

  1. This salve sounds awesome!! I’m so glad it helped with the eczema and so quickly too. It sounds like a very versatile product. Thanks for sharing!


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